The Citadel Compliance Services

Athletic boosters are called “Representatives of Athletic Interests” by the NCAA. Alumni of The Citadel are considered Representatives of Athletic Interests. If you are not sure, please reach out to the Compliance Office.

We know that you want to support your Bulldogs, however, if you would like to do anything for or with Citadel cadet-athletes or prospects, please ASK BEFORE YOU ACT!

Contact The Citadel Compliance Office at (843) 953-4872 if you have any questions.

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  • > Do's

    • Follow the prospect on social media.
    • Forward information regarding a prospective student-athlete to the appropriate Citadel coach.
    • View a prospect’s contest (on your own initiative), provided you do not contact the prospect and his/her relatives, and you do not contact the prospect’s coach or other school officials to gain information on the prospect.
    • Have a telephone conversation with the prospect as long as they initiate the call. The
      call/conversation cannot be for recruiting purposes.
    • Continue a prior relationship with a friend or neighbor who is a prospect provided the relationship was established prior to 9th grade.
    • If the prospect has signed a National Letter of Intent, and the Compliance Office is aware, you may have conversations with the prospect regarding pre-enrollment activities.

  • > Don'ts

    • Make arrangements to obtain money or financial aid of any kind for a prospect or his/her relatives.
    • Provide money, gifts, or benefits to a prospect or his/her relatives.
      Contact the prospect while they are on campus for an official or unofficial recruiting visit.
    • Provide transportation, pay or provide payment for transportation for a prospect and his/her relatives/friends.
    • Arrange for or provide payment for summer camp registration for a prospect.
    • Provide or promise anything to a prospect and his/her relatives.
    • Interact with a prospect on social media, including tweeting/retweeting, tagging a prospect in a post, direct messaging, or using a prospect’s username in a tweet/post.


  • > Do's

    • Invite the cadet-athlete to your home for a home-cooked meal on an infrequent/occasional basis. The meal may be catered, but it must occur in your home. You must file an Occasional Meal Form with the Athletic Compliance Office PRIOR to the meal occurring to ensure that the meal is permissible.
    • Attend athletic functions and greet current cadet-athletes.
    • Notify the Athletic Department or a head coach of job possibilities for a cadet-athlete.
    • Continue a pre-existing relationship with a student-athlete at the same level prior to the individual becoming a cadet-athlete.
    • Pay a cadet-athlete for actual work performed at the going rate for such employment. You must file a Cadet-Athlete Employment Form with the Compliance Office prior to the individual beginning work to ensure the employment is permissible under NCAA regulations.

  • > Don'ts

    • Provide a cadet-athlete, their friends, or family with any benefit or special arrangement.
    • Provide room, board, or transportation costs during the summer for a cadet-athlete who has eligibility remaining.
    • Provide room, board, or transportation costs incurred by family or friends who come to campus to visit a currently enrolled cadet-athlete.
    • Provide cadet-athlete, their friends, or relatives with gifts, money, or a loan of any kind.
    • Expend funds to entertain cadet-athletes, their friends, or relatives.
    • Allow cadet-athletes, relatives, or friends the use of your car, or other services for a free or reduced rate that is not available to the general student body.
    • Use the name, image, or likeness of an enrolled student-athlete to promote, advertise, or recommend a product or service of any kind.
    • Employ or arrange for the employ of an enrolled cadet-athlete without first checking with the athletic department compliance office.