Priority Points

Priority Points | Citadel Brigadier Foundation


4 Points/$100

Unrestricted Athletic Funds

TCBF Memberships and gifts to the athletic department that are not designated for a specific purpose.
2 Points/$100

Restricted Athletic Funds

Gifts to individual sports, TCBF Memorial Fund Scholarships, capital campaigns, & gifts-in-kind
1 Point/$200

Planned and Deferred Gifts

Includes Life Insurance Gifts


2 Points/Year Season tickets purchased for football or basketball and baseball passes (excludes premium seating)
100 Points Awarded to varsity athletes, trainers and managers (one-time)


Consecutive Years TCBF Membership:

10 Points/Year Years 1-10
15 Points/Year Years 11-20
20 Points/Year Years 21-30
25 Points/Year Years 31+

**Your Rank is where you fall among 11, 845 people who have contributed in some way to Citadel Athletics.**

Priority Points Program FAQ’s

Which donations do I get credit for in the Priority Points Program formula?

All donations made to The Citadel Athletics or The Citadel Brigadier Foundation.

I support other areas of the college. Am I required to make a contribution to The Citadel Athletics?

No, however only gifts given to TCBF or The Citadel Athletics are calculated in the Priority Points Program.

What is the difference between restricted and unrestricted gifts?

Restricted gifts are gifts made to athletics for a specific scholarship fund or athletic association, stadium related gifts, and gifts made to any athletic events not including TCBF’s annual auction. Unrestricted gifts are any gifts made to athletics that allow The Citadel to allocate funds as priorities dictate.

Are my gifts tax deductible?

Yes, generally the IRS considers them tax deductible and donors are issued a receipt. All membership gifts to The Citadel Brigadier Foundation are 100% tax deductible. Consult your tax advisor for specifics.

Why do I only get credit for gifts received after 1988?

Our constituent records only date back to 1988.

If I have been sharing or purchasing a membership or Club Level seats from a friend, am I going to get credit for those tickets?

No, since we have no record of giving we will only be able to give credit to the donor of record.

How can I increase my point totals?

All donations to athletics will increase point totals. However, the best way to increase your points is to give to unrestricted funds, such as TCBF memberships or gifts to the Athletic Enhancement fund.