Memorial Fund

CBF Memorial Fund

The Memorial Fund is a trust fund that was established in 1974 as a repository for donated funds with the sole purpose of providing a permanent source of annual income for athletic scholarships. The Fund’s earnings augment the regular yearly contributions to The Citadel Brigadier Foundation, Inc.

Gifts can be made to The Citadel Brigadier Foundation Memorial Fund as memorials in lieu of flowers and/or as a means to honor an individual affiliated with The Citadel. A portion of the interest and earnings derived from the donations to The Citadel Brigadier Foundation Memorial Fund is utilized to fund scholarships; thus the scholarship will always exist.

For specific information, please do not hesitate to call our office at (843) 953-5277.

Stock Gifts

The Citadel Brigadier Foundation gladly accepts and encourages gifts of stock for payment of dues or contributions to the Memorial Fund. Many members have taken advantage of this option and received great tax benefits while helping the Foundation.

For details, please call our office at (843) 953-5277.

Life Insurance

Consider naming The Citadel Brigadier Foundation as owner and beneficiary of a life insurance policy. Upon the donor’s death, depending on his/her choice, either a scholarship will be established or a gift will be made. Possible tax ad- vantages exist. Please consult your tax adviser.

Estate Planning

Gifts through wills and bequests can sustain your family name through endowed scholarships in The Citadel Brigadier Foundation Memorial Fund. Please consult your attorney or tax adviser.